A magnetic motor is a machine very similar to the electric motor, because it generates rotational movement through magnetism, through electric current traveling through coils, and through superimps placed in both the stator and the rotor, and even its assembly having a series of difficulties, is not impossible to develop. 3/4 HP 56c Motors – To begin with, the laws of physics we know of create a barrier when we may try to imagine a device that rotates without external power, but to make the design of one magnetic motor feasible is another.

The interest of the marine environment by magnetic motors is well-known, for example, observing the intention to reduce and to make costs feasible and to increase the profit, to diminish the atmospheric pollution and to gain space in the market. Every merchant ship is equipped with dozens or even hundreds of electric motors, which are responsible for generating movement to the pumps, and in the case of large engines, propulsion to the ship. The fact that electric motors generate rotational motion through the use of magnetic fields gives us the probability of using permanent magnets in the rotor, the so-called synchronous electric motor.

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